How to Check if an Essay Is Plagiarized

Plagiarism has been a constant headache for many content marketers. However, I fear you won’t be around for long without taking proper steps to prevent copied content from being posted on your reputable blog.

As you all know, people are lazy these days and ask most self-proclaimed freelance writers to write a short 500-word essay on any topic, and they will copy it from the internet and present it to you. Now, as someone busy with many other things, you may end up posting these stolen articles on your blog; what do you think will happen next?

Oh yes, you guessed it!

You’ll start getting embarrassing emails from the original owner of the article asking you to take it down, or you already know.

However, the problem of plagiarism does not only arise when outsourcing work. For example, if you accept guest posts from other bloggers, chances are that some of the guest posts you often receive need to be more original and include such articles on your website. It just ruins your SEO efforts, putting your blog to the test.

According to a survey conducted by Psychological Record, 36 percent of undergraduates admitted to plagiarizing written material.

Similar to posting copied content on your blog, it is also possible for someone to copy and publish your private articles on their blog, and as you know, this can lead to Google penalizing your site. Therefore, monitoring your papers to ensure that no one is copying them without permission and proper attribution is appropriate.

Luckily, there is an excellent solution to this, and the most helpful way to do this is to use a plagiarism-checking site to see if you are dealing with original content. There are many such tools on the internet now. But the problem is that many people usually need help to buy such tools.

Are you looking for a free plagiarism detection tool? Do you want to ensure that every article on your website is pure, unadulterated, and original?

If you responded yes to the overhead queries, search no further because you have come to the right place.

What is plagiarism?

If you’ve been in content marketing for a long time, you already know what plagiarism is. But if you haven’t already, I’ll take a moment to explain.

Plagiarism means copying from another source without attribution. It’s like cheating and doing someone else’s hard work to claim it as your own. Unfortunately, due to the exponential growth of website creation, more and more people are looking for easy ways to copy other people’s content to gain more traffic to their websites.

How does google detect plagiarized content? 

While Google’s crawlers are smart enough to know what content is copied and isn’t, you need to keep your content safe so others don’t copy it.

Any writer spends most of the time online creating the best and most unique work. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find a job posted on random platforms without permission to repost. After putting in backbreaking work writing my web hosting review articles, I am highly disheartened to find out that my work has been so irresponsibly copied by other “authors” on different web hosting blogs.

Plagiarism can be defined as “best imitation,” the copying of a particular work previously and initially completed by the author without the author’s knowledge or consent.

Plagiarism can be defined as “best imitation,” the copying of a particular work previously and initially completed by the author without the author’s knowledge or consent.

We recommend that all students/bloggers/creators create a copyright page and place it in the footer of any website or the most prominent place on the site. Then, if someone copies your content, you can ask the DMCA or Google to remove it from your site and file a copyright infringement issue against them. So start creating a copyright page for your blog and website now.

What tool should I use?

Before looking at where to check your articles for plagiarism, let’s list the main features of a good plagiarized article detection tool. 

  • First, it must provide legal and unquestionable results for checking to determine whether the article is plagiarized. 
  • Second, it should be free because most students are budget-minded people with more important things to spend their money on. 
  • Last, it should be a fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-use program.

No one has time to go through the complicated registration process to insert a petition to discover stolen texts. Undoubtedly, it perfectly blends all three aspects of the concealers above. More means that our professional editors and writers are at your disposal and will be more than happy to assist you with your dissertation or another academic assignment.

Types of Plagiarism

You may be interested in plagiarism in two forms: intentional and unintentional plagiarism.

Intentional plagiarism:

 Next is when someone copies your content on purpose; in other words, they do so knowingly. Also, it is what most cheap freelance writers do regularly. New spinners and bloggers ignorant of the various laws that govern the internet are also victims of this situation.

Accidental Plagiarism:

In this type, the content is copied without your knowledge. Also, this usually happens while typing and comes across traces of sentences similar to yours. Additionally, it can also be detected when you cite the work of others without providing proper attribution and credit.

Either way, you have committed plagiarism and face consequences for not acting.

Why do we use plagiarism detection tools?

To discover copied content on the internet. If you’re wondering who copied your content, a plagiarism detector can help you find out quickly. Google has released a recent update to penalize or reward websites.

If your sites have little content or use poor link-building tactics, they will automatically be penalized by Google updates like Panda and Penguin. On the other hand, if you have quality content, you’ll get the best results on the SERPs; it’s that simple.

Given the staggering amount of academic work students receives at college or university, it’s no wonder they run out of inspiration quickly. Unfortunately, there aren’t many different writing methods on the same topic. The problem of plagiarism arises when a class is assigned to write a paper on the same topic. 

We bet you’ve seen a case where a plagiarized paper was handed off to a professor and how dire the consequences were for the poor student. This won’t be a problem with the A-quality assignment help we serve – send us a “write my essay” request and get excellent results. So how to judge whether an article is plagiarized before submission?

Originality Beats Everything

First, every student should know that copying something from anywhere will get caught. So before you check it out, make an effort to make your text original using good old techniques. Here, we discuss rewriting, paraphrasing, citing sources, and citing parts that you have difficulty expressing in your own words. Sound too slow? Yes, creating articles is no piece of cake, and you may often need a professional-level proofreader to do it. The good news is that AssignmentWritinGuru has a team of experts who take care of all these tedious steps and ensure this is the fastest essay-writing service you’ll ever use!

Check your article with advanced plagiarism tools now.

Assuming you have completed a document or it has been given to you, it is time to double-check its uniqueness. It’s perfectly normal to be curious about a paper you’re sending to your professor, and no one wants to turn it into a plagiarized paper at the end of the day. This is where an item authentication procedure is required. So how does a plagiarism detector work? These online tools work by scanning your article, looking for similarities to sentences and phrases (not single words) used in the exact context on the internet, and then showing you the matches found.

Some inspectors show the sources from which similar content was found; others don’t. But what determines whether the content verification is adequate and the search results are legal is the algorithm and program that the verifier relies on. Some are outdated, which means they may look 100% unique but aren’t, and vice versa, factoring word matches into the similarity index. All reputable article editing services have an online plagiarism checker.

Hire Plagiarism Free Writing Service today. 

After these tips, you now understand how to tell if an article has been plagiarized. With effective similarity-checking software, you can be sure that nothing threatens your academic success. If you need help writing a dissertation or any other academic matter, please note that you can always contact our dissertation writing service for help.

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